“Tanoker works hard.. gathers people from different culture to become one ..
shares and empowering each other in one living space named
..Ledokombo ..

Ledokombo sub-district, Jember district, East Java has about 62.300 people. Generally, they work as farmer, insignificant trader and breeder even work as laborer based on the farming season. In two last decades, the amounts of people who look for a job out of Ledokombo or abroad are bigger. They move to Bali even Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc just to find a job.

In this hilly area, there are a lot of social problems, for example: dropout Children, joblessness (especially the adult people), women and children violence, early marriage, abuse of Narcotics, HIV/ AIDS (it has been infected children), environment problem and also the misery of the laborers and their family. The background of all of them always related to poorness.

In Jember, Ledokombo is marginalized region. The combination of some factors, social, politic, and economic also culture is the caused. That is why many people are doubt to believe that it is possible to make meaningful changes in this region. The question is, is it true?

The Change Begin

Since 2009, experiences have proved that the opinion above is false. The people of Ledokombo do the process seriously to make a better life by held some creative activities that create by the children. This region is tidying up.

Although they pressed by many difficulties and defiances of life, Ledokombo children show many posotive sides. The strong motivation to move on, honest participation in many activities, ready to work hard and learn to open and work together. All the potentions become a power that push the born and development of Tanoker Ledokombo community (in Madurese, Tanoker means pupa). December, 10th 2009 agreed by the Tanoker children as the birthday of this community. Generally, The member of Tanoker is the children of migrant worker, farmer, teacher, driver, domectic servant, etc.

The Ledokombo children choose the traditional games especially stilt as the media of theirselves and the community transformation. Stilt makes their body get taller and their step become larger. The symbolization feel matched to spur the step of this marginal area. Playing stilt seems like open the border door and window, national even international. By this game, some activities that combine with music, drama, humor etc. They create a dynamic friendship with every people

As long as 2010-2012 the children of Tanoker have been performed in many events, national and international and win many sports and traditional art competitions. They ever took part in a movie entitled Stilt from Ledokombo (SET Film) and Metamorfosis di Atas Bambu Menari (Mario Bross Film)



Make Ledokombo become kind place for children and become meeting place for people from different background (group, rustling, ethnic, nation, religion and culture)


Making Friends, Having Fun, Learning and Creating Together


Today, being conducted flanking process by cultural approach to elementary school students and high school students. Aligned with it, the various facilities and supporting activities also implemented such as:


Through the will of children themselves, formed various groups of activities, namely Traditional Games, Math (Numeracy Art), Reading-Writing, Music, English, Drama, Multimedia, Cooking and Dancing. Group members are assisted in preparing the result of the group. Further, each semester, the result will be performed to the society (parents, teachers, peers, enthusiasts) and the invited guests which come from inside and outside of Ledokombo village. The society and all those who present are expected to provide inputs or feedback for upgrading to kids of Ledokombo ahead.


Each Sunday, at 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. the children from various villages in Ledokombo come to Tanoker’s Garden to do various activities “Learn and Game”. It is supported by volunteers from ESA (English Students’ Association Jember University), GPP (Gerakan Peduli Perempuan), Students from Jember University and Teachers’ Volunteer from State Elementary and Islamic School in Ledokombo. The children learn English, Math (Fun Math) and Drama. At break time, children practice various musical instruments, dance and stilt attraction. On this day, promotion and sale of healthy snacks encouraged. Some parents of Tanoker’s Children sell a variety of traditional snacks or food.

  1. Celebration of National and International Day

Celebration of the great days(including Memorial Day / Hero’s Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, Kartini Day, Valentine Day, New Year’s, Hijriyah Day and Lunar) filled with various activities(such as Speech Competition on stilts, GASING (Fun Math) Math Olympiad, Dance-Drama Performance about the Struggle for Stilt, Story Telling Competition, etc.). Those events are intended not only to build a sense of patriotism but also it is used as a vehicle to increase solidarity, togetherness and mutual respect among people.

  1. E- Learning (Long Distance Learning via Internet)

Long Distance activities or Learning Interaction (Distance Learning) using teleconference method (using the internet which is new for the village) with various circles both national and international (such as schools, child organizations, teachers, scientists, workers and migrant workers, the community leaders and religious leaders, farmers, students’ college, etc.). This activity expected to add perception or knowledge to the community or society, especially for the children about knowledge and wisdom of both national and global culture.

  1. The Annual of Stilt Festival

Every year, Stilt Festival was held by Tanoker community corporate with various parties, both government and society. Stilt Festival beside as a vehicle to celebrate Independence Day as well as an event which is arranged to cultivate global solidarity. Besides that, The Festival was intended as a promotional media of traditional Indonesian game.

This festival has a series of events:

  • Creating a Sturdy and Comfortable Stilts Competition.
  • Stilts Painting Competition.
  • Stilts Parade.
  • Street Performance and Stilts Attractions which is held in Ledokombo’s Field.
  1. Stilt City Tour

To optimize the process of empowerment for community-based culture, Tanoker helds tilts city tour to promote the stilt games and other traditional games to public or Jember citizen monthly. This effort is packaged in the form of “performances or exhibitions and stilt competitions (monthly)in Jember City Square and other strategic places or area in Jember”. At the monthly activities, we also organize for “Children Care” Campaign, Stilts Trainingto the community/interest and Stilts Sale and Various Public Works of Ledokombo’s Society (Handicraft sand Traditional Culinary). Those mentioned above are expected to increase directly revenue / income for society or community and to increase sensitivity for children’s rights.

  1. Capacity Building Development

In order to develop the human resources of children, Tanoker corporate with PKBM(Community Learning Center) Madani always try to develop the capacity of the various parties related to the children, such as teachers, parents, religious leaders, tutor/teacher volunteers of Tanoker and society. Inspiring Teacher Training, Teacher Reformer Training, Creative Parents Training, Motivational Training to spread positive energy (Menebar Energi Postif), Training Jaritmatika (fast counting with fingers), Mathematics GASING (Easy and Fun) Training and English for The community have been implemented. Tanoker and PKBM MADANI had cooperated with Yayasan Jaritmatika Salatiga, Surya Institute Jakarta, MEP Team Surabaya, Yasmin Learning Centre Jakarta and ASHOKA Indonesia.

In the future it is expected to continue to enhance cooperation with more parties (government, society and business actors) to:

  • Development of reading corner and home of reading (Library) and a variety of group activities in reading – writing and multimedia.
  • Development of recreational parks based traditional games and a variety outbound packet based traditional game.
  • Museum development, Research and Development on traditional games, Workshop and Traditional Games Outlet (to sell the public works of Ledokombo)
  • Training place and “Natural Stage” for performing arts and cultural and traditional games attractions in the region of Ledokombo.

To support those Ledokombo efforts, honestly we ask all of you to share spirit and work together. Let’s walk side by side to make the dreams come true

Now, Tanoker is developing the outdoor facility on 850 m2 land in the north side and on 3500 m2 in the south side also two resources center, 6×8 m2 in those two locations. Beside using The outdoor Learning- Interaction Areas for studying (Mathematic, English, stilt training center, music, dance, and drama), we will develop it for recreation place, outbound area with traditional game principal, healthy traditional food stand (kids kitchen), and “nature” stage for culture show of children and people. We plan that the resources center will have three floors to be used for library, language and multimedia center, teleconference and meeting room.

If you have support tools like books, educative toys, educative kid movie, stationary, second- hand notebook or PC, clothes, cupboard, DO NOT THROW! Tanoker and Ledokombo people need them Besides that, we invite you become volunteer. You can share your skills (English, Mathematics, dance, drama, multimedia, etc.) then teach them to the children and Ledokombo people.

You can also help us by sending donation to our bank account, 0032641474 named Komunitas Belajar Ledokombo- Tanoker at BANK JATIM Cabang Jember,

Thank you for your attention



The change can come from everywhere even just from a small village..by it children..by it people
For only one desire.. BETTER FUTURE for all


Head : Dr. Ir. Suporahardjo M.Si
Trasurer I : Mohammad Ali
Trasurer II : Dra. Farha Ciciek M.Si
Secretary I : Sujud Budiawan S.Pd
Secretary II : Amalia Ratih Insani
Public relation division : Ema Kemalawati SH, Sisilia Velayati and Gangsar Parikesit S.Sos.
Education division : Ayu Nurcahyani, Intan Cahyaning Palupi, Aphrilia Rahma Dianti, Subairi,
Siti Mahdiatul Umroh. Nur Aini Mustofa, Mohammad Abdul Azzys and Fitria Rahma
Art and Culture division : Ahmad Taqwanto, Ifana Ro’aeta
Outbound division : Misnan, Muhammad, Mimi Harumi, and Budi Hartono
Logistic division : Baisuni, Didik Siswanto

Contact Person : Suporahardjo, Farha Ciciek, Ema Kemalawati, Amalia Ratih dan Sisilia Vela Yati.
Email: [email protected], Facebook : Tanoker Ledokombo, web : www.tanoker.org atau
Tlp : (0331) 593 882, 0822 2812 6481, 081230489909, 081331485772.
Sekeretariat Tanoker Jl. Kantor Polisi, Simpang Tiga Desa Ledokombo,
Kecamatan Ledokombo, Kabupaten Jember, JAWA TIMUR 68196.