Letting Sydney Australia know about you, Tanoker Ledokombo
Letting Sydney Australia know about you, TANOKER LEDOKOMBO, the powerful community tourism initiative in a village called Ledokombo in east Java, INDONESIA ??

The students at TANOKER get these Indonesian batiq scraps and Upcycle them into amazing products like this T-shirt. And so many other things. You can order online to support them.


I spent 6 days in a homestay attached to this community tourism concept called TANOKER LEDOKOMBO they are a registered social enterprise in Java.

Tanoker in the local Madura tribal language, means “cocoon”.

A privately owned 3 hectares of land has been turned into a powerful concept of community development has inspired other villages. This is in the village of Ledokombo, Java.

It contains several buildings which are used as community kitchen, community restaurant, hall, social enterprise business, classrooms. The garden is used to grow organic food. They have an aquifer supply of spring water used to irrigate and fill the two swimming pools – a first in this village. They have a huge outdoor campground that accommodates 150 campers with bathroom facilities, food is provided optionally.

This is used as a retreat for school and university excursions, corporate professional development venue, team building etc. People come from Jakarta and Yogyakarta too. Many students have come here to do their University Community Internship from the UK, Japan, Sri Lanka, Canada, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Egypt, Qatar, Germany, USA, Australia, etc.

The empowerment programs for children include Literacy, Arts & Drama, Play Therapy. If a child wants to use the pool, they have to read a book to earn points in order to exchange those points for a day of swimming.

The public are allowed to use the facilities for a fee for an hour per day and they also have free WiFi while here.

This concept is owned and operated by brother Supo and his wife Farha, both holding Masters in Sociology. They gave up their high paid incomes in the city to start this venture 13 years ago. Supo has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Indonesia (#1 in Indonesia).

Recently they hosted the Australian Consulate General and a group from Jakarta.
See the website, Instagram, YouTube.