Learn to Build Indonesia from Tanoker:
The news in the media every day always describe the condition of the country’s violent. Brawl, terrorism, brutal action groups are easy emotions because of differences, mafia foul in the capitol or government agency, and more.

Pessimism and apathy is easy to grow in our souls. Citing complaints Djenar MA novelist, who never reveals her pain seen in Indonesia, “What can be expected from this country? Making us apathetic.” It is sad, however the reality.

Is this characteristic of countries that are building, developing in modern industrial levels? Borrowing the definition of Herbert Marcuse, post-industrial society is too one-dimensional. Making the country to forget how to have fun with honest and candid.

Enjoy the fun does not mean soluble in orgies transmitted hedon spirit. But getting back the spirit of wisdom inherited in any previous generation to give thanks, make use of the motherland, as well as maintaining and developing the paradigm of positive, hopeful view of the future.

Actually, when the macro conditions of this country towards a negative point, there are still many fighters “silent” scattered in every corner of the archipelago attempt transmit the spirit of wisdom so that we can still hope, that the future Indonesia will rise up in their hands, the next generation.

On this occasion, let us learn from Tanoker, a community of small villages will silently into droplets of magma, a new force in building the country.

Activities Tanoker

Tanoker taken from Madura, which means cocoon. This group is in the village of Ledokombo, District Ledokombo, Jember, East Java. A district with a population of about 56,000 inhabitants. Most predominately work as farm laborers, there is also a trader and company workers.

Besides its location is quite remote, the village was known as warehouse problems. Poverty made it like a cursed village. Starting from a high level of illiteracy, youth unemployment is high, and the nest of thugs. In many ways it is like a village barn should dig Jember removed from civilization that moved forward.

Not to mention the stigma attached to most of the population Ledokombo Madura. That they are lazy, selfish, hard invited forward, sok tau, emotional and so on. Often newspapers in Jember preach violence initiated by a misunderstanding.

But now there is a glimmer of hope in the village “full of problems” that, thanks to the efforts Tanoker built by Farha Suporahardjo Ciciek and husband. They provide their land for the center Tanoker.

Ideals and Farha Ciciek Suporahardjo simple. They want to build pride Ledokombo villagers on the village where they live. Especially for the children, which in their language “the next generation, hope of the world wherever they are.” Children are responsible for the country’s future. And we, the adults, owing to shared knowledge on them.

Through Tanoker Ledokomo community is asked to proceed in earnest to create a better life. Through a variety of creative activities led children. In this hilly region is felt that the public has the potential and desire for change.

With the motto of “friendly, fun, learn, work”. Tanoker invaded the minds sons and daughters of migrant workers (TKW / TKI), farm workers, motorcycle taxi drivers, small traders, teachers, domestic workers and civil servants / private. To dare to dream. Brave work. And dare to make simple changes to the way of playing.

Armed with an understanding of the potential of village membiliki many plants such as rose wood and bamboo sengon. Tanoker Ledokombo then utilize existing resources to play. Various types of traditional games revived Ledokombo that children do not forget their original identity.

For example, one of the most prominent game the stilts. “Starting the change of the game stilts? What a crazy idea, “said most people Ledokombo. But the founders and activists Tanoker would not fall on a one-track mind. They still teach and expand the game menyerbar stilts.


As the quote Farha on a national television show, stilts have a profound philosophy, not just child’s play. In stilts we are taught about balance. Similarly in life, balance between worship and worldly activities, the balance between the creator and the relationship to the human (and habluminannas habluminallah), even balance the role of a husband who is also a father, a wife and mother, as well as the role of children must be balanced between rights and obligations.

A wooden stilts game become a major tool can not be mastered in a moment. Need a mentor to then teach, guide and direct motion. Stilts make players to always be careful and be aware. Children in Tanoker do it all. Personal interactions carried out on the love of neighbor.

Turns out the kids in the community interpret Tenoker stilts game positively. The children learn on their own about the importance of cooperation. Attitude patriot when to admit defeat. The greatness of heart to be willing to learn from others.

Through stilts had these children did not dampen the ego self to lose control. Establishing themselves swept trudged wearily wood and started walking on wooden stilts. Learning to stand up and focus on what they do. All done carefully. Because when they lose control of themselves. That’s when they will fall off the stilts.

Little by little, the pride of the village appears Ledokombo. Children no longer roam the streets berkegiatan unclear. Parents who cursed fate of poor motivated to make positive changes. Various units Tanoker born of the spirit. The pupae were born from the ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Well, we can be encouraged by the efforts Ciciek Farha. Building a nation is a lot of ways, the essential spirit, commitment, struggle in whatever level. No matter how small, though perhaps only in the neighborhood, let us rise up and help build the country.

A bead of dew trace the source of life of the world. When the spirit is contagious it will create millions of moisture that gives life to the life of the Earth Indonesia.

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